ASI Managed Plant Modernization Services


The Issue


 ü  Rockwell has dropped support for the venerable PLC5.


ü  Panelviews, other than the new Panelview plus Six & Panelview plus Compact have also lost Rockwell support.


ü  Legacy GE, Modicon and Siemens PLC systems, as well as older building automation systems are also losing factory support.


ü Windows XP will lose support in 2014.


ü  AB 1336 AC drives and 1394 servos are now obsolete.


ü  No new capabilities being added to the SLC500 family.


ü  Legacy systems are putting manufacturing at risk.


ASI Solutions


 ü  ASI can identify & mitigate automation obsolescence risk.


ü ASI can provide migration and conversion planning support.


ü ASI can save all of your existing PLC5 or SLC 500 I/O and port the current PLC program for use with a modern Logix CPU.


ü  ASI can integrate a new Ethernet Panelview to communicate with any legacy network.


ü ASI can upgrade legacy GE, Modicon & Siemens PLC systems so they will work with a Logix CPU. Existing I/O and programming can be saved.


ü ASI can integrate older Building Automation systems to communicate with a Logix system.


ü  ASI can replace obsolete AC drives with current Powerflex drives.


ü ASI can upgrade outdated AB 1394 servos with current 



What is your automation obsolescence risk?


Today, most companies are moving toward zero tolerance for downtime, and yours is no exception. Ensuring continuity of production through a managed modernization program of critical manufacturing infrastructure can help to eliminate factory downtime. 


ASI can help to identify and mitigate legacy systems which are contributing to a high risk of an extended downtime. ASI then works to provide a conversion plan which will minimize downtime, reprogramming, capital expenditures, and regulatory impact.


Upgrade Obsolete PLCs


ASI managed plant modernization services can help keep your critical manufacturing processes operational by replacing obsolete automation technology with modern Allen Bradley Logix systems. This can be done without replacing existing wiring or I/O and without extensive reprogramming.


Upgrading to the Logix family of processors not only ensures continuity of Rockwell factory support and spare parts, it sets the foundation for a seamless, plant-wide information architecture where information is visible to all layers of the organization, in real-time.


Convert Obsolete HMIs


By replacing aging HMI screens with touch screen panels and/or SCADA systems, ASI can create a common visualization, reporting and analytics layer around your manufacturing systems. Well implemented, modern operator interfaces help to reduce process deviations and human error while increasing situational awareness and operator safety.


Replace Obsolete Industrial Networks


ASI can help to accelerate network convergence efforts by replacing proprietary networks and providing gateways for serial devices, making them part of the network architecture. Standardizing with Industrial Ethernet allows for real time analysis of plant data. Real time performance management, process optimization, energy monitoring, and KPI dashboard systems all now become feasible to implement, allowing for greater business agility and opportunities for innovation.






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