Real Time Performance

ASI is a Certified Implementation Partner for many of the leading real-time performance management (RPM) and enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software companies.  ASI can create a customized solution for your plant's unique information needs, including turnkey Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solutions. This is accomplished by integrating existing, PLC, SCADA, and MES systems with the chosen RPM system and then customizing reporting features. This can often be accomplished with minimal or no re-qualification of the affected systems. Plant information systems which are fully integrated into a OEE of RPM solution become the cornerstones for successfully implementing lean transformation, Six Sigma, and TPM programs.

ASI professionals work with our clients to analyze the RPM data being provided by the system, this post start-up evaluation ensures that an RPM implementation will realize its full benefits. These benefits include the following:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Better manage, allocate and spend capital
  • Iimprove asset utilization and efficiency
  • Increased capacity without new capital investment
  • Speed changeovers
  • Establish equipment reliability best practices
  • Develop equipment maintenance strategies
  • Achieve more productive shutdowns



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