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There was a fantastic post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network today. It validates everything we have been preaching for years here at Automated Systems Inc.  The article takes American business to task for its false assumptions about well educated, older workers. The article states:

Then there’s a set of employer beliefs about workers who have significant work experience and who have attained higher levels in their former organizations. Here employers worry that the worker may expect a higher salary than younger workers, or may be unhappy taking a position that pays less or comes with less responsibility than their prior job, and as a result will look to leave at the first opportunity or be otherwise disgruntled.


This set of beliefs is not directly about age. But it is almost always older workers who are trapped by perceived “over qualification.”

In ASI experience this is often not the case. Gretchen Gavett, the article’s author agrees.

Importantly, while some employers fear that older workers will not stick around, my research suggests the opposite is more likely.  It’s worth considering whether, in fact, it is younger workers in their 20s and 30s who are more likely to be actively searching for opportunities to move across jobs in an effort to develop a portfolio of marketable skills and experiences. Older workers are really looking for a company where their considerable skills and experiences are valued and can make a difference.   

ASI has made it a core competency to search out the experience and dedication that older workers can provide to our clients in the life sciences industry. I shake my head at the talent that is left underemployed because of false stereotypes. ASI capitalizes on these misconceptions time and time again. At ASI we focus on providing our clients resources who are experienced, knowledgeable, and know how to execute complex engineering, FDA compliance, and automation projects. We have found the age positively correlates with these attributes.


Nels Hackl

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