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Installed Base Evaluation

Installed based evaluation (IBE) is a three-step process. It starts with field collection, which we do on-site. Then we process the information using customized software. Finally, we deliver the report.

PLC Programming

ASI has the experience you need to bring your equipment and processing to the next level. We develop programs to help your systems automation run more efficiently while holding to GMP standards.


Our goal at ASI is to bring innovate methods to your production using HMI and SCADA. Using these strategies, we take your production to a new level. We offer validation packages as a safeguard.

MES Systems

Using our manufacturing execution systems (MES), we can provide you real-time feedback of your production and processes on the plant floor. You’ll never miss a thing when you work with ASI.

Network Analysis

Our network analysis includes infrastructure, performance, redundancy and availability, management and administration, and security assessments. We provide testing and troubleshooting as well.

Servos and Drives

We provide motion control systems for industries including pharma, food and beverage, and chemical. Our systems help with material handling, inspection, labeling, conveying, assembly, and packaging.

Infrastructure Testing

Wonder if your physical structure is the best it can be? ASI offers physical infrastructure testing that includes physical network troubleshooting, copper verification, fiber verification, and documentation.

Network Design

Optimize your IT and operations with our network design. We help you with things such as planning a logical plant floor layout. Space planning and placement of zone enclosures is just some of what we do.

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Helpful Solutions

ASI provides solutions to your plant automation problems. From life sciences to food & beverage packaging, we offer our experience and knowledge of automation to make your day-to-day duties that much easier to maintain. Services we offer include providing PLC, HMI, SCADA, and DCS design, development, and systems integration.

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