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Network Analysis/Assessment

Automated Systems Inc. is partnering with Revere Electric Supply Co. to provide Network Analysis/Assessment services.

These services provide various levels of testing, troubleshooting, and analysis for your network infrastructure from reactive network assistance through proactive assessment. These services not only can help find faults in your network, it can also assess your current network and provide information and recommendation on how to future proof your network.
If you are considering expanding your network, a Network Analysis/Assessment is the first step in establishing a baseline of current performance levels. A Network Analysis/Assessment will identify equipment that is poorly performing or near End-of-Life and will also reveal deficiencies in your network that you can enhance immediately to improve performance.

The following services can be purchased individually or combined to allow for a full Analysis/Assessment:
Infrastructure Assessment—Revere will inventory your equipment, applications, operating systems, firmware versions, topologies and circuits, i.e. all the physical and trackable components.
Performance Assessment—Revere will do traffic analysis of your circuits, utilization on machines, identification of traffics errors, and analysis of network device configurations.
Redundancy and Availability Assessment—Revere will assess the entire topology and identify single point of failure locations and how to improve the network availability down to even the device level.
Management/ Administration assessment—Revere will evaluate the administrative layer to determine who has access and what level of access should be granted and show should have
administrative rights to make changes.
Security Assessment—Revere will assess your password policy, access policy, security requirements, and determine if there are network holes that need to be closed.

Please contact Automated Systems at (844) HIRE-ASI, to learn more about the benefits of performing a Network Analysis/Assessment of your facility.

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