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Pharma Serialization: A Growing Trend for ASI

ASI is now working with 2 Fortune 200 pharmaceutical companies to implement product serialization programs. With regulatory requirements already on the books in many countries and becoming more certain in the U.S, the push is on to upgrade the industry’s packaging lines. Companies not ahead of the curve will be left scrambling for support and resources.

ASI has been retained by its clients to assist with the project management and integration of the required vision, printing, and checkweighing equipment into existing packaging lines.  In addition, ASI has been tasked with integration of this equipment into higher-level enterprise level supply chain software, such as MES and ERP systems.

The qualification and validation of these upgrades is also critical.  Naturally, ASI is providing the required technical resources to our clients to deal with the GMP impact of upgrading multiple pharmaceutical packaging lines.

ASI considers the implementation of a serialization-related infrastructure critical to a company’s overall strategy for supply chain safety, security, and efficiency. 


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